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Galatians Capital Partners is a Boston-based alternative asset management fund that's focused on growth. The fund was started as an incubator and eventually converted into a fully-fledged hedge fund in December 2019, after garnering a 3-year track record with its strategy.


The main objective of Galatians Capital is to seek steady long term capital appreciation of clients' assets. The word Galatians is an acronym for, Generating Alpha, Leveraging Assets, Trading, Investing, Applying Niche Strategies.


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Kevin Kimani 

Mr. Kimani is the sole Managing Partner of the Partnership, Galatians Capital Partners, LP. He has been stock picking since 2007 and has over 12 years of market experience. He started trading stocks while in college and was fascinated with the idea of compounding gains. He loves the aspect of stock picking and strives to find disruptive companies while they’re still hidden gems.


Mr. Kimani has over a decade of experience working in the healthcare industry and has vast knowledge and  understanding of biotechnology and medical devices. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2008 and a Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University in 2014. 

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